July 2012

  • Wirtgen to Exhibit 2200 SM Surface Miner at MINExpo 2012

    High-performance surface miners from Wirtgen, and minerals processing equipment from Kleemann will be featured at Wirtgen America’s 2,400-sq. ft. stand No. 8907 at MINExpo in Sept. 24-26 in Las Vegas.

    On display will be the 53-ton Wirtgen 2200 SM, the smallest Wirtgen surface miner for most types of rock.

    Represented at MINExpo will be the Wirtgen 4200 SM surface miner. The immense size of the machine requires that a detailed scale model be used to represent the product.

    Also represented at MINExpo will be Kleemann minerals and aggregate processing technology and equipment. Space will not permit exhibition of Kleemann’s massive mobile and stationary impact, jaw and cone primary and secondary crushers, so Kleemann will be represented by an innovative audiovisual display manned by product experts.

    Whether it’s with the 2200 SM or the 4200 SM, surface mining with a Wirtgen machine allows selective mining that enables cutting, crushing and loading in a single working pass. Wirtgen surface miners are rugged, economical machines that offer big advantages over conventional surface mining techniques under everyday mining conditions in open-cast mines.

    Wirtgen’s mobile surface miners cut, size and load material in one pass, achieving great savings in machinery and personnel costs, while allowing continuous refinement of pit drainage and haul patterns at the same time.

    Wirtgen 2200 SM

    With an operating weight of 53 short tons, the displayed 2200 SM can achieve a cutting depth of 12 inches over a total width of 7.3 feet in soft to medium-hard rock.

    The 2200 SM cuts rock with a mechanically driven cutting drum and two-stage front loading conveyor, with slewing capability and variable discharge height. The machine is driven by a Caterpillar diesel engine with an output of 950 hp. Four large crawler tracks and smooth hydraulic four-track steering guarantee good maneuverability.

    Steering and advance speed control are governed via joysticks. The advance speed control allows easy and infinitely variable speed regulation from zero up to the maximum travel speed of over 3 mph.

    The cut material is loaded to the front via a large conveyor system consisting of primary and discharge conveyors. The 3.6-foot-wide discharge conveyor can be adjusted in height and slewed to either side, or removed for windrow operation.

    Wirtgen 4200 SM

    The powerful Wirtgen 4200 SM is a high-performance surface mining machine for operators and customers in large-scale surface mines, whose goal is an annual mining capacity in coal or soft rock of up to 12 million tons with a single machine.

    The 4200 SM is a 200-plus-ton surface miner that stands nearly 22 ft. tall excluding conveyor, cuts over 13 1/2 ft. wide, and is emblematic of Wirtgen's leadership in surface mining and minerals processing technology.

    The 4200 SM is available to customers in two different designs: one for use in various types of soft rock including, for example, coal, lignite, gypsum or limestone; and the other, as a powerful miner for hard rock, such as iron ore or bauxite.

    Specifically, the 4200 SM has a cutting width of 13.78 ft. and is capable of working at a maximum cutting depth of 32.7 in. in soft rock. The heavy-duty machine is equipped with a 16-cylinder diesel engine from Cummins, making it the ideal candidate for a wide range of applications as its rated horsepower of 1,624 offers tremendous reserve capacity.

    Kleemann Minerals Processing

    Kleemann sets new standards in minerals and aggregates processing with its new MR 110 Z EVO, MR 110 R EVO, and MR 130 R EVO and MR 130 Z EVO mobile impact crusher plants. EVO represents a genuinely new evolution for the entire plant spectrum in terms of performance, economic efficiency and equipment longevity.

    The new EVO concept matches refinements for all individual components with a new material flow concept. The new, highly efficient material flow concept of the EVO models eliminates all restriction to the flow of the material throughout the entire plant.

    Kleemann has a long-standing reputation for German-engineered, high-quality, mobile and stationary minerals and aggregate processing plants. Now, for the first time, Kleemann quality is available in a wide range of ready-to-install single primary and secondary impact crushers, which still offer the reliability and durability customers have come to expect from Kleemann.

    Kleemann’s product brand names are the MOBICAT mobile primary jaw on crawler chassis with feeding unit, pre-screen and conveyors built in various sizes ranging from 100-1,000 tph capacity; the MOBIREX mobile primary impactor on crawler chassis with feeding unit, pre-screen and conveyors built in various sizes ranging from 100 to 1,000 tph capacity; the MOBIFOX mobile secondary crushing machines with feeding unit, impact crusher and a screen producing up to 3 grain sizes; the MOBICONE mobile secondary crushing machines with feeding unit, cone crusher and a screen to produce up to 3 grain sizes; and the MOBISCREEN mobile screening machines, producing up to 4 grain sizes with fixed or swiveling discharge belts, with a screening surface dependent on ultimate use.

    For further information, please contact:

    Wirtgen America, Inc.
    Bruce Monical
    6030 Dana Way
    Antioch, TN 37013

    Phone: 615-501-0600
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    Wirtgen America, Inc., Nashville, is the North American arm of the Wirtgen Group, the single-source marketer of the world's most technologically advanced lines of asphalt reclaiming/recycling, concrete slipform paver, and surface mining equipment from Wirtgen, asphalt and soil compactors from Hamm Compaction Division, asphalt pavers from Vögele America Inc., and construction materials processing equipment from Kleemann.

    The late Reinhard Wirtgen, founder of Wirtgen Group, was honored as one of the "Top 100 Private Sector Transportation Design & Construction Professionals of the 20th Century" by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association.



      • On display at MINExpo 2012 will be the Wirtgen 2200 SM surface miner, here mining gypsum ore in Colorado

      • The enormous 4200 SM surface miner from Wirgen — here mining lignite in Mississippi — will be represented at MINExpo 2012

      • Kleemann sets new standards in minerals and aggregates processing with its new EVO line mobile impact crusher plants, like the MR 110 Z EVO here, and they will be represented at MINExpo 2012